The Aldgate Project. Indicative computer generated image. ©City of London

The City’s reputation as one of the world’s leading financial and business districts needs little introduction; its success underlined by its ever-changing skyline. However as impressive as all its growth upwards is, more significant is its expansion eastwards. The eastern ward of The City of London, as denoted by its crest bearing griffin boundary marker, Aldgate is now one of the capital’s fastest growing districts.

Where commerce meets culture, Aldgate’s unrivalled location between The City and East London’s creative quarter makes it a unique development location.

Recognised as an area of significant opportunity, the ambitious transformation plans are harnessing the attributes of the area’s unique location to create a new and vibrant neighbourhood. In addition to being a natural expansion area for The City of London, the masterplan for Aldgate is also capitalising on the area’s cultural and creative credentials.

With Old Street to its north, Aldgate is part of the fastdeveloping Tech City, which includes London’s only Enterprise Zone. As such it’s a regeneration priority for London’s Mayor and the Greater London Authority. By supporting new emerging sectors and the area’s cultural and historic narrative, as well as the traditional financial industries, Aldgate will avoid just being an office overspill for The City. It will evolve to be a dynamic environment that’s one of the most exciting places to live, work and spend time.

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